Gears & Guitars and
Winston Salem Cycling Classic
COVID-19 Safety Protocols

The Winston Salem Cycling Classic (WSCC) and Gears & Guitar’s top priority continues to be the health
of our fans, the community, volunteers, staff, amateur and professional cyclists and their teams who will
be with us before, during, and after the events of September 24-26, 2021.

North Carolina and Winston-Salem continue to experience the effects of an ever-changing COVID-19
pandemic. The WSCC and Gears & Guitars are taking precautions and making recommendations in line
with the state of North Carolina and the city of Winston-Salem.

For the 2021 event the WSCC and Gears & Guitars will:

1. Strongly encourage vaccination for anyone competing in, working at, or volunteering with any
aspect of the event, particularly those who will be in close contact with large groups of fans
and/or participants.

2. Persons who do not feel well should stay at home. Reminders of this commitment will be
placed at the entrance to the concert venue and at other sites around the venues. We expect
fans to abide by this simple request out of respect for themselves, their families and friends, and
all others attending the events.

3. The WSCC will require all professional racers who plan to be host housed to either submit proof
of vaccination or agree to on-site testing (rapid test) and a negative result prior to being host

4. Wherever there are indoor events, the WSCC and Gears & Guitars will require that everyone
wear a mask while indoors, except for brief periods of drinking and eating.

5. All persons will undergo temperature screening at ticket collection sites, prior to admission to
the concert. Persons with temperatures in excess of 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit will be denied
admission and allowed to receive a refund of their ticket cost.

6. Volunteers will be provided re-usable masks during the event.

7. Disposable masks will be available for all persons who request them at the ticket office and at
the bar tables. Access to hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the venue.

Guests of the events are not required to wear masks at the outdoor venues, but it is encouraged that all
persons bring masks with them to the event in the case of a need to go indoors. We strongly encourage
social distancing whenever possible.

At present the WSCC and Gears & Guitars is planning to operate at 100% capacity. The leadership will
monitor daily developments in the city, state, or federal government policies to ensure that the event
follows public health guidelines.

For additional questions about the WSCC and Gears & Guitar’s COVID-19 safety measures you may
contact us at